A few words about us

About Us

Welcome to Golden Bagel Cafe.

    There's much more to Golden Bagel Café than  greets the eye. More pure, natural, preservative-free ingredients.  And above all, more reasons to tempt your taste  buds than you can possibly imagine.

Why not start with bagels?    We do!

     First and foremost--we're bagel fanatics.  That's why we only use the highest quality, most healthy ingredients on Earth, and lots of them.  We believe that anything less would be a first -degree culinary crime. 

Bagel's are just the beginning.

     We offer a variety of generously made sandwiches on our delicious Focaccia bread.  Or try our fresh, crisp salads, from classic Caesars and Cobbs,to our exclusive Oriental Chicken.  Once tou've tried our Golden Dough Pizzas, you'll be spoiled.

     And don't forget to visit our espresso bar, where we make the best mocha's, cappuccino's, and latte's you've ever tasted.  Located next to the Espresso Bar, you will find  The Juice Event.  Where you can get fresh squeezed orange juice, and the most mouth watering  smoothies ever created.


Serving the Napa Valley since 1996